Steven Spielberg, the Duffer Brothers Charm Netflix With Stephen King’s The Talisman Adaptation

Photo: Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images for Turner

Let’s see: spunky kid, supernatural alternate dimension, epic journey. Yeah, this is all adding up here. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Steven Spielberg is joining powerful mystic forces with Stranger Things creators Matt and Ross Duffer to develop a TV series based on one of the few (just kidding; there are still dozens of) Stephen King works yet to be adapted: 1984’s The Talisman, which King penned alongside Peter Straub. Stranger Things alum Curtis Gwinn will reportedly write and show-run the series, which will be produced by Netflix, Spielberg’s Amblin Television, and Paramount Television Studios.

Per THR, Spielberg actually purchased the film rights to The Talisman two years before the fantasy novel was ever published, but was never able to turn it into a movie as planned. The book follows the paranormal adventures of Jack Sawyer, a 12-year-old boy tasked with finding a crystal known as the Talisman to save his mother from cancer. To do so, he must travel both across the United States and into “the Territories,” a parallel universe to our own populated by “twinners” of everyone on plain ol’ original-flavor Earth. And in case that wasn’t enough to convince Stranger Things fans this show is probably for them: There are also werewolves.

Spielberg, Duffer Bros Charm Netflix With King’s Talisman