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Netflix to Celebrate Tiger King Anniversary with TikTok Drag-Queen Musical

This ad is a promise and a threat Photo: Netflix/Twitter

Hey, all you cool cats and kitty girls. Did you know today is the one-year anniversary of when Tiger King was unleashed upon all of our quiet, unsuspecting “two-week” quarantines? Netflix is celebrating the monumental occasion in a way that feels like they just threw the entire internet into a Slap-Chop and mixed that shit around, and we mean that as the highest compliment: with a live TikTok drag-queen musical adaptation. Netflix tweeted a poster for “Tiger Queens: The Tiger King Musical LIVE on TikTok,” starring RuPaul’s Drag Race alums Kim Chi as Carole Baskin, Heidi N Closet as “The Tiger,” and — in the most brilliantly dark-sided and flawless casting decision we have ever seen — Willam as Joe Exotic. There’s no word yet on whether they’ll perform original music or just selections from Joe Exotic’s pop catalogue. “Tiger Queens” will stream live on Netflix’s TikTok account on Sunday, March 28, so you have a week to mentally prepare yourself.

Netflix to Celebrate Tiger King With a TikTok Drag Musical