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Peaches and Bridget Everett Brought Boobs and Butt to Our Instagram

As spring, uh, starts springing everywhere around us, so too does the notion that we may be in for a pretty frisky summer. This became especially clear when Peaches and Bridget Everett got together to do an episode of Two Friends: A Nice Time Hanging Out With People Who Know Each Other Well and opened the conversation by showing off some (fake) boobs and (stuffed and sculpted) butt. It was wildly on-brand considering Peaches just released the video for her single “Pussy Mask,” which is what I would deem the next logical progression in the pussy milieu, after “WAP.” From there, we go on to get all kinds of reality-TV recommendations, stories from Fire Island, and the news that Everett is vaccinated (yay!) but Peaches is not (boo!)

But hope is on the horizon, as the two talked about their dream collaborations, which of course involve each other. At one point Everett confessed that she’d recently had an idea for a song about female buttholes that she would like to call “Winky,” and that she’s made a list of people she wants to collaborate with on it. “Lizzo, Peaches, and Missy Elliot, let’s put us all on this song,” she announced. “Something to think about in 2021!” “I’m in!” Peaches firmly declared. So, now we have something to pine for this summer, aside from just any human contact.

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Peaches and Bridget Everett Bring Boobs, Butt to Instagram