Sissy Spacek and Ed O’Neill Find a Portal to Another Planet in Amazon’s Lightyears

Photo: Amanda Edwards/WireImage

Whether it’s traveling, learning to watercolor, or just falling asleep in front of the TV at 8 p.m. the way God intended, we all have plans for our retirement, provided the entire concept of retirement even exists in the future. In Amazon’s upcoming sci-fi series Lightyears, Sissy Spacek and Ed O’Neill’s Irene and Franklin York planned to spend their golden years keeping the secret of “the chamber buried in their backyard, which inexplicably leads to a strange, deserted planet,” but, much like your retirement, you never know when that plan is going to absolutely fall to pieces.

According to Variety, the Modern Family actor and Bloodlines actress will topline the drama from writer Holden Miller and producer Daniel C. Connolly, who will reportedly showrun the series. Juan José Campanella will direct and executive produce the first two episodes of Lightyears, which will start shooting sometime this year.

Lightyears reportedly kicks off for the Yorks when “an enigmatic young man enters their lives” and “the mysterious chamber they thought they knew so well turns out to be much more than they could ever have imagined.” A good reminder to all of us that, even after decades together, you should never, ever take your mysterious chamber for granted.

Lightyears Takes Sissy Spacek, Ed O’Neill to Another Planet