Maya Rudolph Is a Matchmaker for Spring Break Doofuses in SNL Cold Open

We’ll just say it: Game-show cold opens > Oval Office cold opens. It’s a provable fact, as demonstrated by Maya Rudolph, putting on one of her sillier voices as “Cece Vuvuzela,” on this weekend’s Saturday Night Live. The host kicked off a fun episode with “Snatched! Vaxed! or Waxed!”, a dating-show parody set in Miami Beach during spring break for reckless pandemic partiers, because “we are so close to the end; let’s ruin it!” Contestants include Chloe Fineman, who goes to “the University of High School where I major in Homeroom,” and who’s “on Florida Adderall — meth — so yeah, I’m snatched.” Ego Nwodim is “Poots,” who’s going to Zoom school to be a therapist. Her game-show prize is to visit the Versace Murder Steps alone. The absolute best and dumbest joke is when Rudolph names the show’s sponsor: “AstraZeneca: We put the ass in vassine.” Yes, the world we live in is absurd. Thank God we have Maya Rudolph to make dumb jokes about it.

Watch Maya Rudolph’s Spring Break Game Show SNL Cold Open