SNL Explains NFTs in the Timeliest Way Possible: a ‘Without Me’ Parody

How do you do, fellow kids? Trading dank memes on the blockchain for profit, I see. May we interest you in a Saturday Night Live parody rap about Non-Fungible Tokens based on the music video for Eminem’s “Without Me” (circa 2002)? What if we told you it features Pete Davidson rapping about twerking Thanos? Or that musical guest Jack Harlow has a featured verse? Do the words “Kate McKinnon as U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen” do it for you? The best thing about this pretaped sketch is Chris Redd, dressed as Morpheus spitting rapid-fire nonsensical tongue-twister bars about the exact sort of pop-culture mishmosh you see being sold for millions in Ethereum, like “GIFs of Ron Funches eating Lunchables,” “digital images of Digimon doin’ scrimmages,” and “Bam Margera in a Mini Coop with Master Splinter and Amy Klobuchar and Adam Driver having dinner.” He’s the MVP of this NFT MV.

SNL Explains NFTs in a Timely Way: a ‘Without Me’ Parody