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Steven Spielberg Adorably Casts Seth Rogen As His Favorite Uncle

Like uncle, like nephew. Photo: Getty Images

Steven Spielberg is going full Lady Bird and making a coming-of-age movie based on his formative years: No aliens, no dinosaurs, just vibes (as far as we know). And according to The Hollywood Reporter, Spielberg has cast Seth Rogen to play “a character inspired by Spielberg’s favorite uncle,” which just seems really cute and correct. Spielberg worked on the script with his frequent collaborator, playwright Tony Kushner, and filming is planned to begin in July with a 2022 release date. Michelle Williams is already onboard to play Spielberg’s mom, so the news of Rogen’s casting means that Spielberg is giving us all the only thing we’ve ever really wanted: a stealth Take This Waltz reunion.

Steven Spielberg Casts Seth Rogen As His Favorite Uncle