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The Woman in the Window Movie Really, Finally Has a Release Date

Photo: Netflix Film/Twitter

Three years, a pandemic, and an upsetting elegy later, The Woman in the Window is finally going to be able to leave her house. Netflix announced today that the Amy Adams–led film adaptation of a scam artist’s novel will be premiering on the streaming service on May 14, capping off a journey plagued by an excessive amount of cinematic nuisances. First announced in 2018 as an award-season Hitchcock moment for Adams, the adaptation, directed by Joe Wright, went on to suffer from production delays and reshoots, with Wright conceding to EW earlier this year that test audiences had no idea what the hell they were watching. “Oh my God. There were some plot points that people found a bit confusing. I would say possibly too opaque maybe,” he explained. “So we had to go back and clarify certain points, but I think also we tried to make sure we didn’t oversimplify anything and make things too clear. There’s an enjoyment in not knowing what’s going on, but at the same time, you have to give the audience something to hold on to.” There’s even a Woman in the Window trailer from 2019, before the pandemic upended its release strategy. This is the perfect time to reiterate: Give Adams her Oscar, but not like this!

The Woman in the Window Movie Finally Has a Release Date