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Octavia Spencer and Melissa McCarthy Fight Crime and Superhero Fatigue in Thunder Force Trailer

Thunder Force is an A+ concept: Octavia Spencer and Melissa McCarthy are super-friends with super-powers, and because they’re in their 40s and don’t look like Gal Gadot, bad guys underestimate them and heroic/comedic excellence ensues. In the trailer for the superhero spoof, McCarthy has super strength and Spencer has invisibility, and they team up to bring down villain Bobby Cannavale, whose power is having glowing red eyes and who says things like, “this city deserves what’s coming to it.” There’s also a minor villain (or possibly sidekick?) played by Jason Bateman with crab-claws for hands. The trailer all looks well and good, especially the Jason Bateman with claws for hands part. Thunder Force is written and directed by Ben Falcone, and we’re excited to see where this lands on the spectrum of his collaborations with his wife. Thunder Force streams on Netflix April 9.

Octavia Spencer and Melissa McCarthy Are Thunder Force