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Patti Harrison Is a Goddamned Movie Star in the Together Together Trailer

In the trailer for Together Together, Ed Helms is a single, soon-to-be baby daddy, and Patti Harrison is a single, soon-to-be baby Patti. The comedian plays Helms’s gestational surrogate who develops an intimate friendship (and maybe-more-ship?) with him, to the skeptic dismay of her friend and co-worker, Julio Torres. The trailer for the film from writer-director Nikole Beckwith makes it look the sort of soft indie quirky comedy that excels at Sundance, but it definitely has an added alternative cool-kid comedy pedigree on account of its casting of Harrison and Torres. It’s like a more-grounded Baby Mama, only with romantic tension. Together Together is out in theaters April 23 and looks like a sweet little date movie, just in time for the world to reopen.

Together Together Trailer: Patti Harrison Is a Movie Star