Trevor Noah Sits Down With The President’s Analyst for Paramount Remake of 1967 Satire

Photo: Michael Schwartz/CBS via Getty Images

There are few jobs more stressful and anxiety-inducing than president of the United States, and one of them would absolutely be therapist to the president of the United States. They all definitely need one, though, so why not hire your Grammys host Trevor Noah for the job? According to Variety, the Daily Show host is developing and may star in a remake of the 1967 political satire The President’s Analyst for Paramount Pictures. Former Obama senior writer and deputy director of messaging Pat Cunnane reportedly wrote the screenplay for the new film, which Paramount notes will be told “through the lens of the contemporary political landscape,” in case you were hoping for a period picture co-starring Lyndon B. Johnson.

Written and directed by Ted Flicker, the original President’s Analyst stars James Coburn as psychiatrist Dr. Sidney Schaefer, who is secretly brought in to provide psychoanalysis to the sitting president. Unfortunately, in the original film, Schaefer himself quickly becomes overwhelmed by the top-secret stresses piled on him by POTUS and becomes paranoid and suspicious. Even worse, his suspicions turn out to be completely founded, and he must quickly learn to navigate the ridiculously crowded field of absurd covert operations attempting to learn exactly what’s on the president’s mind. Also, Schaefer apparently talks in his sleep, which we can’t imagine helps the situation at all.

Trevor Noah Sits Down With President’s Analyst for Paramount