$1 Million Worth of Beyoncé’s Property Reportedly Stolen Out of Storage Units Over Multiple Thefts

Photo: Robert Gauthier/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

Before you ask: Yes, the gowns were affected. According to TMZ, storage units rented by Beyoncé’s production company Parkwood Entertainment were reportedly burglarized twice earlier in March, with the culprits making off with more than a million dollars’ worth of the singer’s belongings, including “expensive handbags and dresses.” Per TMZ, “the missing items from the first heist all belong to Queen Bey.”

Following the initial theft, which reportedly targeted three storage units, three more units in the same storage facility were broken into less than a week later, allegedly by the same people. Among the second haul was “handbags, kids toys, and photos belonging to one of Beyoncé’s stylists.” According to TMZ, there have been no arrests in the crime, but if Beyoncé’s entire Black Is King wardrobe shows up on TheRealReal, that’s going to be a huge tip-off.

$1M Worth of Beyoncé’s Property Stolen Out of Storage Units