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Addison Rae Does TikTok Dances on Jimmy Fallon, Doesn’t Credit Their Creators

Where does Jimmy Fallon think TikTok dances come from? Does he think the teens learn them at Zoom school as part of a federally mandated curriculum? Or maybe they just emerge out of chrysalises, fully finalized and glowing with youth, like the cocoons from Cocoon? We ask because on Friday, TikTok star Addison Rae did a segment on The Tonight Show called “Addison Rae Teaches Jimmy 8 TikTok Dances,” which isn’t even what it sounds like, because he doesn’t try to do most of the dances; he just sort of stands there holding cue cards with song/dance names like “Savage” and “Corvette Corvette” while Rae demonstrates them to live music. Rae’s smile is unmoving and pep rally wide as she works her way through this reheated Applebee’s sampler platter of dances, and not a word is spoken in the entire segment, making its two-and-a-half minutes feel longer than the Snyder Cut. The segment has left many viewers voicing their disappointment on Twitter, because at no point during the routine, nor in the interview that follows it, do Fallon or Rae acknowledge the Black and POC creators behind the majority of these viral dances.

The View host Sunny Hostin tweeted the segment out on Sunday, writing, “This is a miss @jimmyfallon. Let’s give credit to the black creators…… ”

Writer Bria Celest shared the segment with a list of some of the dances’ creators.

Bryce Hall hasn’t weighed in one way or another.

So Anyway Here’s Addison Rae Doing TikTok Dances on Fallon