Ego Nwodim’s Edith Puthie Is Back on SNL and More Powerful Than Before

The cast of Saturday Night Live broke out the old-age makeup and gray wigs for last night’s episode, which had a pre-taped music-video sketch called “Boomers Got the Vax” that may be the single most joke-dense sketch of the year so far. It’s a true ensemble piece, with everyone playing a different type of obnoxious old person with their own flow, all bragging about how they’ve been vaccinated. Aidy Bryant raps, “you’re in the parking lot eating by the trash, right? / We in the booth reading menus with the flashlight.” Maya Rudolph shoves some children out of her way, rapping, “Stop by my house give the grandkids a hug / now get the fuck out I’m trying to have fun!” Best of all is the triumphant return of Ego Nwodim’s Edith Puthie, a minor character from a Chris Rock sketch last October with too good a name to let die. Edith Puthie gets the horniest verse of all, running a finger over her plastic-covered furniture while telling you to “pop a Cialis, come throw your back out.” Go Edith!

Ego Nwodim’s Edith Puthie Is Back and Vaxed on SNL