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Saweetie Put Ranch on Spaghetti So Drew Barrymore Put Ranch on Spaghetti

Look, we’re not saying Saweetie and Quavo’s breakup is a direct result of Drew Barrymore testing Saweetie’s spaghetti recipe on The Drew Barrymore Show, we’re just noting that Barrymore tried the cursed noodle dish on March 18 and the next day, Saweetie tweeted that she was single. You’re free to make your own connections. Barrymore and her teen sidekick, Eitan Bernath, did a segment where they try weird celebrity food combos, including Offset’s ramen and cheese dip, and Selena Gomez’s pickles and peanut-butter cups. The strangest combo, though, was based on a video Saweetie posted to her Insta Stories in March, which featured her drenching a plate of spaghetti and tomato sauce with a squeezy bottle of Hidden Valley ranch.

Bernath and Barrymore do not hold back, emptying their entire bottles onto their spaghetti in an image so upsetting, you can audibly hear a member of the production team say “oh my God” under their breath. They both take huge slurpy bites of the concoction, and the end result is that Bernath doesn’t hate it and Barrymore says, “I don’t hate it either. It’s actually really good.” After all, what is Alfredo if not hot ranch?

Saweetie Put Ranch on Spaghetti So Drew Barrymore Tried It