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Your Money’s Safe, Your Life Is Not in Guy Ritchie’s New Wrath of Man Trailer Starring Jason Statham

You saw how John Wick reacted when his poor puppy was killed. Now imagine his actual kid died. That’s the level of anger Jason Statham is starting at in Guy Ritchie’s upcoming action heist film Wrath of Man, the actor’s fourth movie with the director after Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch, and Revolver. Based on the 2004 French thriller Le Convoyeur by Nicolas Boukhrief and initially named Cash Truck (hell yeah), Wrath of Man follows Statham’s H, a “mysterious and wild-eyed new cash truck security guard” who reveals himself to have professional-level cash-defending skills during an attempted robbery.

However, while his co-workers, including Josh Hartnett, might first suspect H is the inside man for a heist or an undercover agent, it turns out his motivations are more complicated, and sadder than that, as H wants to learn who in Los Angeles’s criminal underbelly is responsible for his son’s death. In other words, Post Malone’s account is overdrawn and Jason Statham is here to collect in Wrath of Man, due in theaters May 7.

Wrath of Man Trailer: Your Money’s Safe, Your Life Is Not