Sounds Like Will Forte Is Going to Break Your Heart With Peacock’s Expiration Date

Photo: Rachel Luna/FilmMagic

Whether it was Oz or Sharp Objects or, say, Black Mirror, you might think you’ve already watched the most agonizing TV drama you’re ever going to see. According to Variety, however, Peacock, of all streamers, plans to give your favorite heavy series a run for its money with their upcoming show Expiration Date, and they’ve enlisted Will Forte to help them do it. The Saturday Night Live alum will reportedly star in the drama, currently in development, from Fleabag EPs Harry and Jack Williams; the pair will write and produce the series.

Per the show’s description, Forte will play Robin, a suburban man “who, consumed by grief, finds a life insurance policy that covers suicide, provided that the individual doesn’t carry out the deed within one year. Content that his family will be provided for, Robin sets his expiration date and contemplates how he will spend his final year. It’s going to be a long 12 months.” Maybe Robin will reconsider his decision in the pilot episode, and then you won’t have to spend six seasons and a movie inching inexorably closer to Will Forte’s character’s demise? Or, more likely, you’ll just have to alternate between Expiration Date and Peacock’s upcoming MacGruber series to balance yourself out.

Will Forte Returns to Drama With Peacock’s Expiration Date