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A Little Jail Time Won’t Keep YNW Melly and Kodak Black Down on New Song

Photo-Illustration: by Vulture; Photos by Lyrical Lemonade/YouTube and Getty Images

YNW Melly is back for the first time in almost a year, releasing new song “Thugged Out” alongside Kodak Black. It’s the first collaboration between the two rappers, who have had their share of other business to focus on in the past year. For Melly, that’s meant awaiting trial for two 2019 murder charges that he pleaded not guilty to, while catching COVID in prison in the process. Kodak, on the other hand, received a last-minute commutation from former President Donald Trump in January for federal weapons charges, and is still facing a charge of criminal sexual conduct in a repeatedly delayed trial. But what’s a little jail time to get in the way of a linkup between two rap provocateurs? While Melly uses his verse to boast about his lifestyle, Kodak addresses his current situation. “Free Melly, I’m in the same old boat,” he raps. “Keepin’ it real with n- - - -s behind the fences / Don’t know ‘bout you, this how I’m livin’,” he adds later on. “I be tryin’ to blitz even on the visit floor.” When Uzi said “Kodak do the most” back in 2016, he had no idea.

A Little Jail Time Won’t Stop YNW Melly–Kodak Black Collab