At Long Last, Younger Will Return and Premiere Its Final Season on April 15

Photo: Sabrina Lantos/TV Land

The other secret is out: Younger, one of the best necklace-porn shows that you and your mother can both talk about, will be premiering its final season on April 15. This 12-episode seventh season will air on Paramount+ (the rebranded version of CBS All Access) and Hulu* before migrating to its TV Land stomping grounds “later this year.” For those willing to pay for, sigh, yet another streaming service (or more realistically, sign up for a free trial and cancel before a credit card charge), the season’s first four episodes will premiere on April 15, with the remaining eight episodes dropping weekly on Thursdays. While Younger’s premiere date wasn’t paired with a trailer, the show offered these hot tidbits about what to expect: Liza’s personal life is still on “shaky grounds,” Kelsey “doubts her career decisions and discovers a new creative outlet,” and Maggie “gets cancelled.” Diana, presumably, is still a walking goddess.

*This story has been updated to include the additional Hulu streaming news.

At Long Last, Younger Announces Final Season Premiere Date