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The Younger Final Season Trailer Is Here and It Doesn’t Catch Any Trout

With no more lies and Lizabilities to worry about going into Younger’s final season (which will now air on Paramount+ and Hulu), we’ll have to divert our attention to the lack of statement neckwear in its official trailer instead: Where the hell is Diana Trout? You know, thee Diana Trout, the patron saint of being the only person to pull off having a fish as a last name? Seeing her reduced to a pixelated iPad while warning us that “things don’t always turn out as planned” just seems like a bad omen for our Empirical gang, unless she’s talking about Charles and Liza, whose relationship status doesn’t seem to be engaged after the events of the season six finale. (Showrunner Darren Star already confirmed that Miriam Shor and Charles Michael Davis will barely appear this season due to “scheduling and COVID related matters.”) But anyway, “bipolar billionaire” Quinn is also back, Kelsey is having a Saturn’s return moment after realizing she’s not “the young kid on the block anymore,” and Maggie, as already teased, is getting cancelled. We’re already exhausted. Younger will premiere its first four episodes on April 15.

Younger’s Final Season Trailer Doesn’t Catch Any Trout