oscars 2021

Frances McDormand, Wolf Mother, Howls to the Sky During Her Nomadland Acceptance Speech

You never really know what you’re getting into with a Frances McDormand acceptance speech, and this year’s Oscars proved to be no exception for the Birkenstock ambassador: She nabbed a Best Actress win for Nomadland and kept her speech short and simple, but when it came to celebrating the film winning Best Picture? It was time to channel some Duran Duran lyrics, baby. “Please watch our movie on the largest screen possible, and one day, take everyone you know into a theater shoulder-to-shoulder in that dark space and watch every film represented tonight,” McDormand advised. “We give this one to our wolf.” She, indeed, proceeded to howl to the sky spirits with much gusto, but it wasn’t just for some performative nonsense — the gesture was presumably to honor the death of Nomadland’s sound mixer, Michael Wolf Snyder, who died by suicide earlier this year. Hooooooowl!

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Frances McDormand Howls to the Sky During Nomadland Speech