ABC Won’t Be Signing a Lease With Alec Baldwin and Kelsey Grammer’s Roommate Comedy

Photo: Jim Spellman/Getty Images

Don’t worry; this does not mean they can’t become roommates in real life, if they want. According to Deadline, ABC has decided not to move Alec Baldwin and Kelsey Grammer’s sitcom past the pilot stage, after initially giving the show a straight-to-series order. As Deadline devastatingly puts it, “The decision was made after the network’s executives saw the finished pilot episode.” Oh wow, well, yeah, that would do it.

The untitled multi-cam comedy, written by Modern Family’s Chris Lloyd and Vali Chandrasekaran and directed by James Burrows, also stars Doom Patrol actor Alec Mapa. The trio of actors play estranged former roommates driven apart by “their warring egos,” who reunite decades later “for one more run at the lives they’ve always wanted.”

The pilot will reportedly be shopped to other networks and streamers, but we imagine production might face logistical issues now that Grammer will be working on Fraiser again. Paramount+ officially confirmed the reboot, but just in case we’re destined to be disappointed twice over, we’ll double-check the return policy on all these tossed salads and scrambled eggs.

ABC Passes on Alec Baldwin and Kelsey Grammer’s Sitcom Pilot