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Quelle Surprise! We’re Getting More Call My Agent After All.

Bring back Hervé! Photo: Netflix

The ever-dramatic, extremely French shenanigans afoot in Call My Agent! may have seemed like they came to an end with its fourth (then referred to as final) season on Netflix this January, but reports of not-quite-top talent agency ASK’s demise have apparently been exaggerated. According to Variety, Netflix is now developing both a spin-off movie and a fifth season of the show with its French producers and broadcaster. The show, which goes by the French title Dix Pour Cent, focused on the backstage drama between talent agents in Paris, with cameo appearances from major French movie stars, like Juliette Binoche and Isabelle Huppert, playing exaggerated versions of themselves.

The film spinoff in development, according to Variety, would likely focus on Camille Cottin’s hard-charging character, Andrea. Among the possible storylines, the movie might follow Andrea to New York, somewhere she has previously considered moving in the series in order to work with an American talent agency, where her character would deal with both French and American movie stars. Forget Emily in Paris — Andrea in New York is the cross-cultural fish-out-of-water comedy we need. Imagine her trying to smoke in various public places! Imagine her harsh opinions about Broadway shows! The movie’s currently set to shoot before the end of this year or in early 2022.

Variety describes the fifth season, meanwhile, as “a reboot” that would also take place chronologically after the film, though it is “hoped the key cast members will also return for the new season.” It’s hard to know exactly what that all means, but it seems as if the new season will focus on a new set of agents in a new firm (after all, that was Camille’s plan in the season four finale), with the original characters checking in every once in a while. Call it Dix Pour Cent: Le New Class.

Quelle Surprise! We’re Getting More Call My Agent After All.