Chris Redd’s Lil Nas X Gives God a Lap Dance in SNL Cold Open

Chris Redd’s Lil Nas X gave new meaning to “redemption tour” on last night’s Saturday Night Live cold open, which marked the return of Chloe Fineman-as-Britney-Spears’s talk show for celebrities in hot water, Oops, You Did It Again. “I don’t know why Nike’s so mad,” Redd as Lil Nas X said, regarding the controversy over his Satan shoes. “Their whole thing is ‘just do it.’ Well, I did it.” And to those who are offended by Lil Nas X’s recent music video and by him in general, he had only this to say: “I put my pants on like everyone else, one assless chap at a time.” Redd’s Lil Nas X wrapped things up with a brief lap dance to Mikey Day’s God, “just to even things out,” Fineman’s Spears clarified. Lil Nas X himself reacted to the lap-dance-heard-round-the-world on Twitter, writing alongside a screenshot of the sketch, “snl going to hell.” Maybe so!

Chris Redd’s Lil Nas X Gives God Lap Dance in SNL Cold Open