Hilary Duff’s Younger Spinoff Would Be Like a ‘Female Entourage,’ According to Darren Star

Photo: TV Land

Well, “we got the money, honey” is an Entourage-worthy catchphrase. In December, Hilary Duff’s Lizzie McGuire revival sadly bought a bus ticket back home, but on the very bright side, it opened up her schedule for a rumored spinoff series following her Younger character, millennial publisher and all-around excellent friend Kelsey Peters. Ahead of Younger’s seventh and final season, which debuts April 15, creator Darren Star revealed some details about the (still hypothetical) new show. Like, for example, it would be “female Entourage.”

“It would be a totally new universe,” Star explains, according to Variety. The spinoff would take Kelsey from New York to Los Angeles, and from publishing to “following another dream.” Says the Sex and the City creator, “The best way to describe it is that it would be a bit of a female Entourage, with Kelsey as the lead.”

The spinoff is reportedly still in such early development, Star can’t say for sure when and if it will actually come to fruition. “We’re talking about it. It’s a big question mark whether it’s going to happen,” he admits. “It could be great, but we never know if these things are going to happen until they’re going to happen.” Sadly, Star also notes the show would not bring along any other Younger characters, in case you were hoping to see Diana Trout shopping for gigantic statement necklaces on Rodeo Drive, or sucking down a Dodger dog in the same.

Hilary Duff Younger Spinoff Would Be Like ‘Female Entourage