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Demi Lovato Recreates Her Overdose in ‘Dancing With the Devil’ Music Video

Demi Lovato has dropped the music video for her newest single, “Dancing With the Devil,” featuring a harrowing recreation of the events of her 2018 overdose. The title track off of her latest album, “Dancing With the Devil” opens with the lines, “It’s just a little red wine / I’ll be fine.” The music video begins with Lovato recovering in a hospital bed, tubes filtering the blood from her neck, as we flash back to various stages of her worsening addiction. News coverage of her hospitalization plays before the video moves into the song’s second verse and depicts Lovato’s sexual assault by the dealer who supplied her with the drugs that caused the overdose. Lovato’s assistant, Jordan Jackson, is also depicted in the video discovering Lovato and calling for help, almost exactly as described in Lovato’s YouTube documentary. The video closes with a shot of Lovato’s neck tattoo, which reads “survivor,” and provides links to sexual assault and addiction resources.

Demi Lovato Drops ‘Dancing With the Devil’ Music Video