Drag Race España to Bring the Prestige With Veneno Creators on Its Judges Panel

Photo: Courtesy of WOW Presents Plus

The queens of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 13 warned us in their performance of “Phenomenon” when they sang, “Drag is all over the world, it’s a phenomenon, it will live on and on.” It sounded less like a message of unity and more like a keynote from World of Wonder HQ: Drag Race is both global and never-ending. And we wouldn’t want it any other way. Today, WOW Presents Plus announced that Drag Race España will launch on its streaming platform beginning this May, and it will be sickening, no? For one, the judges panel will include Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi, the creators of the critically acclaimed series Veneno. Rounding out the panel will be fashion designer Ana Locking and the show’s host, Spanish queen Supremme de Luxe.

As for the season’s slate of ten queens, they look beyond fierce in their promo images. They are:

Hugáceo Crujiente

Pupi Poisson


Dovima Nurmi


Carmen Farala

Killer Queen


Arantxa Castilla-La Mancha

the Macarena

That’s right: There’s a queen that’s just straight up named “the Macarena.” We hope her moves are better than her name suggests.

Drag Race España to Have Veneno Creators on Its Judges Panel