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Please Enjoy This Mini, Sun-Kissed Bones Reunion

The central conceit of Two Friends: A Nice Time Hanging Out With People Who Know Each Other Well is that the people we bring together live on Instagram are, in fact, friends. In this week’s episode, however, the people in question are both friends in real life, and also played best friends on TV. Animal Kingdom’s Emily Deschanel and For All Mankind’s Michaela Conlin (who also inspires many antics in the Netflix film Bad Trip) figured out Instagram Live for our sake this week, as well as the sake of Bones fans all over the globe. And thank goodness, because they are so good at it! Each had perfect window placement that resulted in a glowing sun-kissed energy that truly felt like it could be the song of the summer? Like it’s not a song and I’m aware it’s not summer, but it has that vibe.

The two discussed what they’re watching (Married at First Sight) and reading (books? Good for them.) And they shouted out fellow Bones alum Eugene Byrd, who popped up in the comment section at one point. But mainly, we learned that everyone is super horny for Chris Meloni. Conlin and Deschanel discussed catching their former Bones co-star Tamara Taylor in the newest Law & Order iteration alongside Meloni, and how it was, um, affecting. “I mean look, I’m happily married, cool, but like, whoa,” said Conlin. “Yeah, I know, I know,” Deschanel added as she touted his strengths as an actor, before pointing out that the comment section was also in agreement. So, see? Everyone agrees: Chris Meloni is hot.

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Please Enjoy This Mini, Sun-Kissed Bones Reunion