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ER Reruns Have Been ‘Disastrous’ for George Clooney’s Marriage

Photo: NBC

Before McDreamy or Leo Spaceman made our ovaries melt, television’s resident hot doctor of choice was ER’s Doug Ross, who, of course, was portrayed by George Clooney as his first big acting role. The show’s cast, like many others during the pandemic, virtually reunited on Thursday for charity relief, with Clooney admitting during the reunion that his wife, Amal Clooney, has been watching ER for the very first time with all of her newfound home time. Sounds cute, right? Not really. “This has been a very, very disastrous thing for me because I forgot all of the terrible things I’d done as Dr. Ross,” he explained. “My wife keeps going, ‘Is that it? Are you done? Season three — do you finally settle down with nurse Hathaway?’ It’s been a disaster for my marriage.”

Clooney also agreed with his fellow castmates (which included Julianna Margulies, Anthony Edwards, and Goran Višnjić) that he’d never be interested in reprising his ER role and expressed skepticism that a reboot or revival will ever happen. “When you look at the show, it’d be hard to say that we could do it again at the level that we did it,” he noted. “Because boy, I’ve actually been watching it a bit because my wife’s been watching it, which is very odd. And I have to say, it’s such great television.” It sure was.

ER Reruns Have Been Disastrous for George Clooney’s Marriage