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We Hope the Family Sprung for Car Insurance in the F9 Trailer

If we had to suggest a banner for the new F9 trailer, we’d probably break out the puffy paint and go with something like this: Family Love Car Explosions. More than a year after the new chapter of the Fast & Furious franchise first debuted its pre-coronavirus trailer, our fam (including Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Ludacris, and Tyrese Gibson) open a can of whoop-ass and deal with a new baddie (John Cena) and his private army, who just so happens to be working with another bowl-cutted foe from the familia’s past (Charlize Theron). Oh yeah, and things take a turn for the personal, as one of them reveals themselves to be … Dom’s sibling?! No amount of magnet planes in space could prepare us for this. Wait … magnet planes in space?! “The world has a way of changing, and we change too,” Dom narrates in the trailer. “There are moments that separate us, but we always come back together.” We need a breather and a few oxygen tanks. F9 will be released on June 25.

We Hope Their Family Sprung for Car Insurance in F9 Trailer