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Watch a Gaggle of Gleesons Gear Up in This Frank of Ireland Clip

Gleesons, take the wheel. Brian Gleeson stars in Frank of Ireland as Frank, a 32-year-old failing musician who is struggling to get his life together. Frank still lives with his mom, is hung up on his ex Áine (Sarah Greene) six years after their breakup, and can’t keep any friends besides his absurdly loyal bestie Doofus (Domhnall Gleeson). This clip from the Amazon buddy comedy features a small family reunion in the form of a driving lesson. Brendan Gleeson joins his IRL sons and guest stars as Liam, a bearded boyfriend of Frank’s mother. As they sit in a parked car, Liam confidently tells Frank that all he needs to know about driving can be summed up with a simple acronym: SPEED. Doofus is on board at first (S is for signal, P is for parking brake), until Liam’s conviction begins to crack. Holding up his middle finger, Liam explains that E stands for … everything: “You’re better off just observing everything at all times. And that way, yeah. Right.” Over a clicking turn signal, he finally concludes that D means drive. “You don’t know how to drive, do you?” Frank stonily shoots back. Sit through the awkward silence and watch the Gleeson brothers throw disbelieving looks at their dad in the above clip. Frank of Ireland premieres on Prime Video on April 16.

Watch a Gaggle of Gleesons Gear Up in Frank of Ireland Clip