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Ginny & Georgia Will Return for Some More Oppression Olympics

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix/COURTESY OF NETFLIX

Ginny & Georgia, a YA dramedy series that claimed not to be a ripoff of Gilmore Girls (when it wasn’t pissing off Taylor Swift) has been renewed by Netflix for a second season. Deadline reports that despite receiving head-scratching critical reviews, the show — which follows a 30-year-old mom not named Lorelai navigating the tumultuous relationship with her teenage daughter, definitely not named Rory — was a huge success for the streaming service: 52 million households apparently watched it during its first month of release in February, and it has remained in the top-ten series list since. (Just above it is Bridgerton, with 82 million subscribers.) Did we mention that they also live in a small New England town, definitely not called Stars Hollow? Second season, let’s go!

Ginny & Georgia Will Return for More Oppression Olympics