Hugh Jackman Belts Out a Statement About Scott Rudin in All Caps

Hugh Jackman. Photo: Stephen Lovekin/Shutterstock

Oh, we’ve got trouble. And that starts with “T” and that rhymes with “P” and that stands for “producer Scott Rudin.” Hugh Jackman has finally spoken out about the allegations of workplace abuse surrounding Broadway producer Scott Rudin, after Rudin announced he would take a “step back from active participation” in their upcoming production of The Music Man. Jackman’s co-star, Sutton Foster, broke her own silence about Rudin on Saturday, April 17, saying, “It’s an unbelievably unfortunate situation,” and “I know Hugh feels exactly the same way.” Today, theater reporter Michael Paulson shared a statement from Jackman, in which the actor says he finally felt able to share his thoughts because the “most important voice we needed to hear from was Scott Rudin,” and that he hopes and prays “this is a journey of healing for all the victims and the community.” Jackman apparently wrote the statement via Music Man–era appropriate telegraph, so we have reprinted it with spacing and casing amended:

“I want to say how much I respect and applaud the people that have spoken up about their experience working with Scott Rudin. It takes an enormous amount of courage and strength to stand up and state your truth. This has started a conversation that is long overdue, not just on Broadway, and the entertainment industry, but across all workforce. The most important voice we needed to hear from was Scott Rudin, he has now spoken up and stepped away from The Music Man. I hope and pray this is a journey of healing for all the victims and the community. We are currently rebuilding the Music Man team and are aspiring to create an environment that is not only safe, but ensures that everyone is seen, heard and valued. This is something that is and has always been very important to me.”

Calling Rudin’s the “most important voice” is certainly an interesting choice in light of his alleged victims’ claims, but Jackman really made sure to shout it in all-caps for the people in the back.

Hugh Jackman Belts Out a Scott Rudin Statement in All Caps