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Jeffree Star Hospitalized and in ‘Excruciating Pain’ Following ‘Severe Car Accident’ in Wyoming

Photo: Getty Images

Following reports of his involvement in a car crash in Wyoming Friday morning, YouTube celebrity Jeffree Star took to Twitter to confirm that he is unfortunately in “excruciating pain,” having fractured vertebrae after his vehicle allegedly “flipped three times after hitting black ice” in a “severe car accident.” According to People, both Star and friend Daniel Lucas were hospitalized following the incident.

“This morning was one of the scariest moments of our entire lives,” he tweeted Friday evening. “I’m so grateful to be here still. I’m in excruciating pain because part of my back is broken and I have vertebrae fractures on my spine. My doctor said it will take a few months but I should make a full recovery.” The vlogger also posted a photo of himself in a neck brace with Lucas at his bedside.

A longtime YouTube star, makeup mogul, and seemingly the one famous person immune to cancellation (despite accusations of racist behavior and allegations of assault), Star purchased a home in Wyoming last year, a decision that at least in part fueled rumors that he was dating Kanye West following news of the musician’s divorce from Kim Kardashian. Star himself debunked the rumor, apparently fabricated from whole cloth by a TikToker, on his channel.

“My best friend Daniel has internal injures, and because he has survived colon cancer three times, he’s having complications with his organs and they’re monitoring him 24/7,” wrote Star in a follow-up tweet. “We’ll know more soon. Thank you to every single person checking on us.”

Jeffree Star in ‘Excruciating Pain’ After ‘Severe’ Car Crash