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Jessie Ware to Keep the Party Going With What’s Your Pleasure? Deluxe

Photo: Roberto Ricciuti/Redferns

There’ll be a lot of catching up to do whenever dance floors reopen in earnest. 2020 brought a bumper crop of fantastic dance music, including a full-fledged disco revival, at a time when the world wasn’t able to gather in crowded clubs and dance. English pop star Jessie Ware had already secured a good chunk of setlist space with her fourth album, What’s Your Pleasure?, the single best disco full-length of last year. But once we fill dance floors again, Ware isn’t content to just let us dance to music from 2020 — so she’s releasing a deluxe of What’s Your Pleasure? featuring eight more songs. The perfectly named Platinum Pleasure Edition is out June 11, with lead single “Please” out today. If What’s Your Pleasure? moved like a night out at a single club, “Please” is the moment you decide the night isn’t over and find a new party. It’s sweatier and livelier than the polished What’s Your Pleasure?, like Ware’s vision of disco pushed into hyperdrive. In a statement, Ware said the song is “ready to be played in a place where we can all be together and flirt, dance, touch, and kiss.” Can you imagine?

Along with “Please,” What’s Your Pleasure? — The Platinum Pleasure Edition will include the 2018 one-off “Overtime,” the “Endless Remix” of sultry What’s Your Pleasure? cut “Adore You,” and a song called “0208” featuring Robyn-approved musician Kindness. And it’s not Ware’s only offering come June, with the singer’s memoir, Omelette: Food, Chaos, and Other Conversations, out June 10. Fittingly, because we’ll be eating.

Jessie Ware to Keep Partying on What’s Your Pleasure? Deluxe