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There’s Plenty of Crack Talk in Jimmy Kimmel and MyPillow Guy’s Interview

No forts or fights transpired on Wednesday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! when Mike Lindell, a.k.a. the MyPillow Guy, a.k.a. a man who definitely isn’t dating Jane Krakowski, appeared on the show to talk about how he still thinks the 2020 election was rigged, that $1.3 billion lawsuit be damned. “I believe that you are sincere. I also think there’s something going on from the crack or something that has, you know, whatever, that has made you think that,” Kimmel told Lindell, referencing his very public recovery from crack addiction. “I worry about you. I feel like you are maybe self-destructive. You have lost everything, repeatedly, so many times in your life. I feel like you’re going to be out dressed as Spider-Man on Hollywood Boulevard at the end of this whole thing.”

Lindell doubled down on his election-fraud ideology and also admitted he’s had to go into “hiding” for several months owing to the number of death threats he’s received. “I have it, it’s real, so people can say, ‘Oh, you’re an ex–crack addict so your brain’s not right.’ You know what? They can say all they want,” he explained. “It’s gonna come out, I keep putting the evidence out, it’s gonna come out.” But … is it $1.3 billion worth of evidence?

There’s Crack Talk in Jimmy Kimmel, MyPillow Guy’s Interview