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John Oliver Isn’t Worried About the Hot Duke Pulling Out of Bridgerton

Not even the crushing national debt could stop John Oliver from lamenting about last week’s non-Matt Gaetz scandal-page headline: The hot duke from Bridgerton is leaving the show, spoon in hand, and won’t return for the second season to keep turning us on. Dear readers! It is, of course, a sad occasion that will require a full month of mourning from us subjects, if not an exposé from Lady Whistledown about the actual reasons behind the departure. (Oh, are you not following Deuxmoi’s gossip?) But back to Oliver. He’s really not too worried. “The truth is much more complex,” he explained about the Bridg-xit. “Because A: His character arc is mostly wrapped up and the duke doesn’t appear in the rest of the novels. It’s really a generational story of the whole family. Also, you could absolutely lose the duke. It is actually perfectly in his character to start something he doesn’t finish.” Harsh but true, and something Daphne took way too long to figure out.

John Oliver Talks the Hot Duke Pulling Out of Bridgerton