Kodak Black Pleads Guilty to Lesser Charge in Sexual-Assault Case

Photo: Prince Williams/WireImage

Kodak Black pleaded guilty on Wednesday to first-degree assault and battery charges. The rapper, whose given name is Bill K. Kapri, was originally charged with first-degree criminal sexual conduct in the state of South Carolina. Kapri was accused of assaulting a high schooler in 2016. “According to prosecutors, he pushed the girl into a wall and onto a bed before assaulting her, allegedly biting her breast and neck,” per TMZ. Kapri was sentenced to a 10-year suspended sentence and 18 months probation, on the conditions that he take full accountability for what happened and undergo counseling. The rapper had previously denied the charges, but apologized to the victim in court, saying, “I apologize to Miss [victim’s name] and am hopeful we can all move forward. I wish her the best in her life.”

Kapri had previously been sentenced to 46 months in prison on a federal weapons charge, but his sentence was commuted by Trump near the end of his term. Trump also pardoned Lil Wayne for a felony gun-possession charge. The sexual-assault case was brought on the state level, and thus ineligible for presidential pardon. Under the terms of Kapri’s probation, he cannot use drugs, drink alcohol, or possess guns.

Kodak Black Gets 18 Months Probation on Sex-Assault Charge