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Lena Dunham Says Glenn Close Once Cut Her Out of a Corset

Glenn Close and Lena Dunham. Photo-Illustration: by Vulture; Photos by Getty Images

If you had to be stranded on a deserted island with a legendary actress, Glenn Close might be your girl. She apparently came in extra handy when, once upon a time, Lena Dunham was experiencing a corset emergency at an event. Dunham relayed the anecdote in a profile by the New York Times, discussing her new clothing line with 11 Honoré, curators of “designer plus size women’s clothing.” Dunham says the first and last time she wore a corset, Close had to be the one to cut it off of her in a bathroom. “She had a little butterfly scissor like a friggin’ angel,” said Dunham, unsure why Close had scissors but grateful nonetheless. The American treasure came to Dunham’s rescue in more ways than one. Her feet were also killing her that night, making us wonder why we even miss going out. “She also gave me the best advice,” Dunham added. “I was crying in my heels, and she said, ‘You get platform boots from a rave store, and you wear those.’ And I did, and I have. So, thank you, Glenn Close.” Too many follow-up questions. Has Glenn Close been wearing platforms all these years? What does this woman’s closet look like? Where, oh, where is the nearest “rave store”?

Photo: Glenn Close

Update, 1:30 p.m.: Angel Glenn Close is happy to share her secrets. The Hillbilly Elegy actress told Vulture the history of her platform boots over email and even shared a photo of the infamous kicks. “Tell them that I wore them when Cruella’s feet weren’t on-camera,” she said via a representative. “I’ve had them that long. And I wore them to the Oscars the year I participated in the ‘In Memoriam’ segment. They were also used for both Globes and SAG Awards in 2020!” Looks like Cruella has always been punk rock and that “In Memoriam” segment was from 1994. It’s not every day we get tips from a master for free. Go forth and spread the good word.

Lena Dunham Says Glenn Close Once Cut Her Out of a Corset