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Pixar’s Luca Is Call Me By Your Name With a Sea Monster–Size Twist

Pixar’s Luca follows two boys during an unforgettable Italian summer as they grow in their friendships and come to terms with their identities. Think you’ve seen that one before? Well think again! Because in Luca, our protagonists are sea monsters. The new trailer from Pixar finds Luca and his new friend, Alberto, hiding their secret from everyone else in their seaside Italian town — where, to paraphrase another Pixar classic, fish are food, not friends. Room’s Jacob Tremblay plays Luca alongside We Are Who We Are’s Jack Dylan Grazer as Alberto, with other appearances by Maya Rudolph and Jim Gaffigan. Luca arrives just in time for summer this June.

Update, April 28: Pixar’s full trailer for Luca brings another twist to this story: Our protagonists Luca and Alberto aren’t humans who turn into sea monsters in water, they’re sea monsters escaping their underwater homes to the nearby seaside village (“the human town,” as Luca says). “We do not go anywhere near the surface. Got it?” Luca’s mom, voiced by Maya Rudolph, says in the trailer. So what are these two going to do? Spend all summer above the surface! Tag along on their adventure when Luca hits Disney+ on June 18.

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Luca Is Call Me By Your Name With a Sea Monster–Size Twist