Busta Rhymes and Mariah Carey Know What You Want, So They Gave You Their New ‘Where I Belong’ Video

“The past is an animal that chases you forever,” Busta Rhymes intones at the beginning of his new music video. “The past chases you, until it catches you.” Luckily, there are a few moments in time we wouldn’t mind chasing us down, and one of those is definitely the release of Busta’s 2002 smash-hit “I Know What You Want” with Mariah Carey, which the pair now revisit for Rhymes’s new “Where I Belong” music video, complete with Frank Miller’s Sin City–style graphic-novel illustrations.

In case you haven’t seen it in a while and need a refresher, the 2003 “I Know What You Want” music video found Busta Rhymes tasked by his boss, played by Michael Jai White, to watch over his wife, portrayed by Tae Heckard, during a work trip. It goes without saying that Busta immediately falls for her, and the pair are tormented by their forbidden love.

Well, if you thought that was the worst obstacle that could befall our characters, bad news: We learn in the “Where I Belong” video that Heckard’s character was kidnapped (by … samurai?) and has been missing for 18 years. Or was she abducted at all? Love always brings complications, but at least Mariah’s dulcet harmonies remain constant. Plus, they set up a threequel, if they need it in a couple decades.

‘Where I Belong’ Video: Busta and Mariah Know What You Want