The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Creator Malcolm Spellman Takes Up the Shield for Captain America 4

Photo: Marvel

As long as there’s an America, it’s going to need a Captain. That’s how Marvel sees it, anyway, and according to the Hollywood Reporter, the studio already has the patriotic superhero’s next adventure in their sights. Per THR, Marvel is reportedly developing Captain America 4, with a screenplay in the works from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier creator and head writer Malcolm Spellman. Spellman will reportedly write the screenplay alongside Falcon staff writer Dalan Musson. And if you don’t want to read spoilers for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, bail out of this post now!

While there’s no official word as to who will play the good Captain, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier clearly sets up Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson as the new heir to the title. While it’s conceivably possible Chris Evans, who played the role in the first three films, could return as the all-American superhero in some capacity, this week’s season finale of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier ends with a brand-new title, Captain America and the Winter Soldier, and that seems like a pretty clear indication of where the franchise is headed. Even clearer? The moment when Sam declares, “I’m Captain America.” Of course, these are comic book characters we’re talking about, so why not enjoy a trip Into The Captain America-verse and have a few Captain Americas to enjoy, as a treat?

Falcon Creator Takes Up Shield for Captain America 4