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It’s a Matt Berry Summer, and We’re Just Living in It

Well, well, well, if it isn’t Mr. Matthew Charles Berry, certified Vulture fave against his very will, back with another hot track just after we demanded a COVID anthem from him. Wow, maybe he IS listening to our prayers. This latest tune seems to be an anthem — though not for the end of COVID specifically. Instead, it seems to channel what we may now dub “cool-middle-aged man summer.” What is cool-middle-aged-man summer, you might ask? It’s crunchy guitar solos! Vinyl record collections! Scotch in glasses! Beards! Telling people stories of all the drugs you used to do! Drinking a reasonable amount on a Saturday afternoon because you need to get up early tomorrow to get some work done in the yard! “Summer Sky” is the first full track to be released off of Berry’s upcoming album, The Blue Elephant. The video gives life to the song’s psychedelic sound, continuing to provide us with Elephant Man imagery as well as that picture of Matt Berry that he clearly agrees he looks really good in. Honestly, turning a hot picture of yourself into a whole music video is almost as heroic as releasing a song like this less than a week before New York City celebrates its first April 20th with legal weed. Cheers.

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Matt Berry Drops Song, Ushers in Cool-Middle-Aged-Man Summer