NBC Developing a Guess Who? Show, But Don’t Call Your Goofiest-Looking Pals Yet

Photo: Hasbro

Tell your actor friend with the bright-orange Abraham Lincoln beard, huge spectacles, and beret not to get their hopes up just yet. Yes, NBC is developing a television show based on the classic tabletop game Guess Who? However, it is not, as we would have hoped, a mystery series starring Herman, Anita, and the other absolutely strange characters from the game, who meet their fates one-by-one as the viewer gets closer and closer to learning the identity of the killer. No, instead, NBC is adapting the 1979 Hasbro original into a game show, which definitely makes more sense than what we were thinking.

According to Deadline, NBC is reportedly working with Endemol Shine North America and Hasbro’s entertainment company eOne on an unscripted Guess Who? series, which is “in the early stages of development.” Per Deadline, “in each episode, contestants make snap judgements based on intuition and clues in an effort to win cash prizes.” Hasbro is also working on a Clue animated series, a Risk TV show, and, of course, Dungeons & Dragons. And who knows? Maybe one of their many, many projects will have a role for your friend with the egg-shaped skull, handle-bar mustache, and, of course, beret.

Don’t Call Your Goofiest-Looking Pals for NBC’s Guess Who?