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Nicole Kidman Serves Vaguely Eastern European Cult-Leader Realness in Nine Perfect Strangers Trailer

Hot girl summer? More like hot wig summer. Your first full trailer for Nine Perfect Strangers is here with more of Nicole Kidman’s icy stare, vaguely Eastern European accent, and long blonde witch hair. The latest Liane Moriarty novel turned David E. Kelley limited series stars Kidman as the intimidating leader of a “wellness resort” called Tranquillum House, which definitely sounds like a normal resort and not a cult. “We’re gonna get you well,” she promises Melissa McCarthy’s character, a former romance writer recovering from a bad breakup. Spoiler alert: She doesn’t. The trailer also gives us a glimpse of Michael Shannon in Bad Dad Chic, Bobby Cannavale rocking a depression beard, Samara Weaving looking like a Real Housewife in training, and Regina Hall trying to choke Luke Evans. While this trailer doesn’t provide much more information than April’s teaser did — we get it! It’s a creepy resort! — it does give us a release date. Nine Perfect Strangers debuts August 18 on Hulu, and, not going to lie, we’d still go to Nicole Kidman’s scary Goop retreat if it was comped.

Nicole Kidman Is Cult Chic in Nine Perfect Strangers Trailer