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Nicole Kidman Serves Vaguely Eastern European Cult-Leader Realness in Nine Perfect Strangers Trailer

We interrupt your regularly scheduled Oscars programming to give you a very important dispatch from the small screen: Nicole Kidman is adapting yet another decadent, mysterious Liane Moriarty novel into yet another David E. Kelley limited series, with yet another ridiculous, beautiful wig. Today, Hulu shared the trailer for Kidman’s next miniseries, Nine Perfect Strangers, in which she plays the leader of a “wellness resort” who, based on the 30-second teaser, should absolutely under no circumstances be trusted. Her stare? Icy. Her hair? Like that of a Goop witch. Her accent? Vaguely Eastern European. “Surrender yourself to me,” she purrs, as a tincture drops something presumably psychedelic into a green juice. It’s like a yuppie Midsommar. Co-starring as her clients-slash-victims are Melissa McCarthy, Michael Shannon, Luke Evans, Bobby Cannavale, Regina Hall, and Samara Weaving. Nine Perfect Strangers debuts later this year on Hulu, and, not going to lie, we’d still go to Nicole Kidman’s scary poison retreat if it was comped.

Nicole Kidman Is Cult Chic in Nine Perfect Strangers Trailer