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The Oscars Will Have No Host and ‘Feel Like a Film,’ Whatever That Means

Photo: Craig Sjodin/Walt Disney Television via Getty

It always comes back to David Lynch’s declaration of creating “a feature film in 18 parts,” doesn’t it? This year’s Oscars ceremony, which will be airing on April 25, will continue its tradition of not employing the services of a host for the third year in a row. Speaking with Vanity Fair, co-producer Steven Soderbergh said that he’s bringing a refined cinematic edge to the ceremony, with presenters being described as an “ensemble” that will eschew “tradition” for … something else. “The most exciting thing about this show is that it is going to feel like a film, in the sense that, at the end, we hope it’ll feel like you watched a movie,” he explained. “Everybody will be a character: Every nominee, every person that gives an award, will feel like characters in a film. And in the end, you’ll know who everybody was and what they wanted. You’ll have a connection to everyone in this show. What we want to do is have this three-hour movie in which some awards are given out.” Soderbergh also confirmed that there will be two ceremony locations in Los Angeles, as well as European outposts for the nominees who don’t want to travel amid the pandemic. How accommodating! Just be sure that everyone reads the envelopes this year.

The Oscars Will Have No Host and ‘Feel Like a Film’