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Samantha Bee Has #FreeBritney on the Brain

Samantha Bee tackled D.C. statehood on the April 28 episode of Full Frontal. She spoke to Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton about her decades-long crusade to get Washington, D.C., represented in the Senate. Norton is closer than ever to achieving her goal, as her perennial bill to grant D.C. statehood passed the House and is headed to a Democrat-held Senate. When asked why she is so passionate about her cause, Holmes explained that she is a third-generation Washingtonian. Her great-grandfather escaped slavery by fleeing to D.C., so no one in her family has ever had representation in the Senate. Bee goes over the facile, dumb-shit arguments against capital statehood, as well as framing the city’s struggle in a way we can all understand. “Congress is basically Britney Spears’s dad,” she said, alluding to the fact that neither D.C. nor Britney have control over the money they rake in for their conservators. “Like Free Britney, and Free the D.C. Budget.” Like D.C., Britney is nearing a potential turning point: Spears is set to address the court directly at her next conservatorship hearing, on June 23.

Samantha Bee Compares D.C. Statehood to Britney Spears