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Saweetie Is Feeling ‘Risky,’ Drops Video and Pretty Summer Playlist: Season 1 EP

It’s going to be summer before you know it, so any musician who wants to be in competition should be getting ready to release their potential song-of. At midnight, Saweetie dropped her new music video for “Risky” featuring Drakeo the Ruler, which will have you painting your Honda hot pink and dancing on the roof for the next four months. “I’m Mrs. Untouchable / I’m like a Lunchable,” declares the “Best Friend” rapper. “The light hit the ice, even make Ray Charles see me / Bitch, ain’t no keeping up, what is y’all thinking?”

The video and single arrived simultaneously with the artist’s new EP, Pretty Summer Playlist: Season 1. In addition to “Risky,” the tracklist includes Bbyafricka’s “Baby Mama Coochie” featuring Saweetie, Kendra Jae’s “See Saw” featuring Saweetie, “Pretty & Rich,” “Back Seat” featuring Lourdiz, Loui’s “Talkin’ Bout” featuring Saweetie, and “Sweat Check.” And if your car still isn’t neon flamingo by the time you get through “Sweat Check,” maybe you’re more of an autumn person, and that’s totally fine.

Saweetie Feels ‘Risky,’ Drops Video, Pretty Summer Playlist