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Melissa Villaseñor’s Kristen Wiig Impression Makes Seth Meyers Recoil in Awe

A true SNL trifecta of excellence occurred on Wednesday’s Late Night, with master impressionist Melissa Villaseñor unveiling the fact that former cast member Kristen Wiig lives in her esophagus now. Oh, wait, sorry, we have that wrong: Villaseñor debuted her uncanny impression of Wiig to Seth Meyers, who was so taken aback by what was happening that he couldn’t stop laughing and swiveling around in his chair. “I think I auditioned with a silly bit about Kristen Wiig about to go skydiving,” she noted about SNL, but Meyers had a different thought on his mind: “I want to call Kristen and make sure she still has her soul.” She’s a true Comedy Dementor, if you will.

Melissa Villaseñor Kristen Wiig Impression Stuns Seth Meyers