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Soulja Boy (and TikTok) Made a ‘She Make It Clap’ Music Video Happen

Congratulations to Gen Z, who get to experience the craze of a viral dance, like, every week, thanks to TikTok. Back in my day, we had Soulja Boy’s “Crank That” and we were grateful! Nowadays they have … okay, also Soulja Boy, with his comeback single “She Make It Clap.” The vibe-y track went viral after the extremely online rapper, now 30 years old, freestyled it on Twitch. On TikTok, @theofficialant_ and @e.hoops gave it a dance challenge, like a Soulja Boy song rightfully deserves. The dance features in the video, which takes place at a mansion party. Soulja Boy earned Gen Z’s approval on his Twitch channel, where he’s added pro gamer to his skill set. If you’re old enough to remember having Soulja Boy on your MySpace page, contact your local teen before attempting any TikTok challenges, and watch the music video for “She Make It Clap” above.

Soulja Boy Made a ‘She Make It Clap’ Music Video Happen